The office of Snider & D’Amato is able to provide service of all legal process in the Greater Boston area, throughout the entire state of Massachusetts and across the entire country! In additional to our Boston area service, our office has associates in every state in the USA enabling us to effect or arrange service for you anywhere in the country. This comes after nearly a decade of providing service and building relationships with other agencies across the country.

The Process is Simple…

To get court papers served…

(1) Call or email us for rates. Rates differ depending on location, type of documents and type of service required. Payments can be made in cash, check or credit card. Invoice billing is offered to law offices. Payment is not required up front in many cases.

(2) Get us the paperwork! We accept most documents via email and fax to expedite service. You may also drop them off or mail them to us.

(3) Next, A serving officer (constable) will serve the recipient in accordance with the legal requirements. All services are attempted same or next day. Emergency or rush service needs will be attempted immediately. Updates and notification of completion provided via email and or phone.

(4) Once service is completed, you will receive a signed affidavit by the serving officer as proof. This is commonly referred to as the “proof of service” or “return of service”.

PLEASE NOTE: After hours/ Weekend calls are forwarded directly to our cell phones so that you can reach us anytime. Our priority is remaining available at all times.